Sled Hockey Booster Club

The sled hockey booster club is a group of individuals, typically parents, alumni, and other supporters of our sled hockey team, they come together to support and promote the team’s activities. The main purpose of a booster club is to provide financial and moral support to the team and help organize and manage events and activities that benefit the team.

Our booster club typically raises funds through various means, such as ticket sales, merchandise sales, and fundraising events. These funds are used to purchase equipment, pay for travel expenses, and cover other expenses necessary to support the team.

In addition to fundraising, the booster club also help with team activities such as organizing team events, coordinating team trips, and providing support at games and practices. They are also responsible for promoting the team and creating a sense of community around the team.

The sled hockey booster club plays an important role in supporting the success of a hockey team, both on and off the ice.