Sled Hockey at Buffalo Warriors Sled Classic

Games continue Through Sunday

Overall, the tournament has been an enriching experience for the CNY Flyers, offering them a platform to test their mettle against some of the best sled hockey teams in the region. It also provided them the opportunity to identify areas for improvement as they continue to aim for greater heights in the sport of sled hockey.

The second game pitted the Flyers against the Buffalo Sabres. Despite the Flyers’ relentless efforts, they faced a tough loss. The Sabres managed to capitalize on a few key moments, converting those into goals. Although disappointed, the Flyers took the loss in stride, considering it a valuable learning experience for future matches.

In their first game, the Flyers faced off against the Fort Drum Mountain Warriors. The Flyers’ ability to stand against the Mountain Warriors was a proud moment.

On a weekend filled with adrenaline and fierce competition, the CNY Flyers Sled Hockey Team participated in the Buffalo Warriors Sled Hockey Tournament at Northtown Center in Amherst, NY. The team showcased their skill and determination, fighting hard on the ice against formidable opponents.