Information about CNY Adaptive Sports Sled Hockey

Sled Hockey is for Every Body

Sled hockey, also known as sledge hockey, is a form of ice hockey designed for players with physical disabilities that limit their mobility. In sled hockey, players sit in sleds that are mounted on two ice skate blades and use two shortened hockey sticks with picks on the ends to propel themselves across the ice and handle the puck.

Sled hockey is played on a standard ice hockey rink with the same goals, blue lines, red lines, and face-off circles. The game is played with six players on each team, including a goaltender, and follows most of the same rules as regular ice hockey.

The major difference in sled hockey is how players move on the ice. Because they are sitting in sleds, they cannot use their legs to skate. Instead, they use their arms and the picks on the ends of their sticks to move themselves around the ice. This requires a great deal of upper body strength and control.

Sled hockey has become an increasingly popular sport worldwide, with many countries fielding national teams and competing in international competitions such as the Paralympic Games. It allows people with disabilities to participate in a challenging and exciting team sport and helps to promote physical activity, teamwork, and social integration.

The CNY Flyers host the Syracuse Sled Hockey Classic, a three-day tournament annually.

The tournament features sled hockey teams from across New York State, including Central New York, Albany, Buffalo, and Fort Drum/Watertown.

CNY Flyers Sled Hockey

Practice Weekly
at SunnyCrest Ice Rink

Winters Only
We always welcome new players.
Sleds provided.
All ages are welcome!
Host annual tournament

Members of the team also partner with Tennity Ice Pavilion at Syracuse University by volunteering at Tennity Ice Pavilion to teach sled hockey to the Syracuse University community at the pavilion’s weekly Inclusive Ice sessions.

Sled hockey is a fast-paced and exciting sport played by athletes with physical disabilities. The tournament promises to be a weekend of thrilling competition and a celebration of adaptive athletics.

For more information, contact team manager Jamie Favata.