Inclusive Sports

To help promote the general awareness of adaptive sports available today, CNY Adaptive Sports offers two options to engage students and adults. These programs enable the audience to understand the similarities to conventional able-bodied sports and a chance to experience the joy of adaptive sports. CNY Adaptive Sports can “adapt” to just about any environment to show options for “moving our masses.” 

Limited group Demonstrations with two CNYAS volunteers: This program explains briefly the evolution of adaptive sports but focuses mostly on handcycles and recumbents for recreation and sport. 6-10 devices are brought out and shown how to operate. Examples of groups we’ve met with include Independent facilities, assisted care facilities, and stroke recovery groups. Typically 2-2.5 hours

Large group presentation with hands-on demonstrations by  2-3 CNYAS volunteers. This program is geared towards school-aged participants to help them better understand the range of adaptive sports options available and gives them a chance to experience firsthand the pure fun of adaptive sports. Our schools are already geared towards an inclusive environment, so why not include an understanding of sports options, too? We bring a dozen basketball wheelchairs, 3-4 handcycles, and six sleds from sled hockey that have had the skates replaced with wheels. Schools won’t need to do anything different to their schedules. We would replace their regular PE schedule with us, and everyone, over the course of 1-4 days, gets an opportunity to become familiar with adaptive sports. We usually stay at the school all day. 

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact:  Mike Smithson – 315-243-5844 or