Eric Komar and Erik Brady check wheelchair tires for problems.

Community Support of CNY Adaptive Sports’ Wheelchair Jamboree

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and inclusivity, the recent Wheelchair Jamboree event organized by CNY Adaptive Sports saw an overwhelming outpour of support and participation. The event, which involved going through and organizing the storage unit of CNY Adaptive Sports, was not only attended by long-time supporters and friends of the organization but also saw unexpected and enthusiastic participation from the Syracuse University Men’s Rugby Club.

Each wheelchair tire pressure needed to be checked by volunteers.

The success of the Wheelchair Rodeo event is a testament to CNY Adaptive Sports’s positive impact, striving to make sports accessible to all.

The participation of the Syracuse University Men’s Rugby Club added a dynamic energy to the day. The team’s involvement went beyond mere physical labor; they engaged in conversations, learning about adaptive sports, and understanding the challenges faced by athletes with disabilities. This interaction was a learning experience for the rugby players and a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and awareness in the wider community.

The day kicked off with volunteers and rugby team members working in unison to sort, clean, and reorganize equipment and supplies crucial for the various sports activities conducted by CNY Adaptive Sports. The effort aimed to improve accessibility and efficiency in how the organization manages its resources, ultimately benefitting the athletes who rely on bikes and wheelchairs.