Flyers Tournament
CNY Flyer Forward Suzanne Wamp (left) edges up against a Mountain Warrior player at the Syracuse Sled Hockey Classic 2024 on Friday, March 15, 2024, at Tennity Ice Pavilion at Syracuse University. (Photograph by Jon Kinane)

CNY Flyers and Buffalo Sabres Secure Wins in Syracuse Sled Hockey Classic Opener

tournament continues with more
action-packed games on March 16.

In the Syracuse Sled Hockey Classic at Tennity Ice Pavilion, Syracuse University, the Central New York Flyers won against the Fort Drum Mountain Warriors 3-0, and the Buffalo Sabres defeated the Albany Sled Warriors 4-0. The tournament, taking place on March 15, continues on March 16 with games throughout the day, open to the public.

Photograph by Jon Kinane

Photograph by Casey Favata